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merme Pediatric Dentistry
Dr. Simón Mermelstein has gained international recognition for his natural ability to work with children of all ages... especially the difficult or handicapped children that require special attention.
He attributes this ability to his love for children and commitment to provide them the best possible dental healthcare possible. With children of his own, he acknowledges that respect and understanding are essential to gaining the trust of a young patient... no matter how young.

Dr. Mermelstein is an active member of the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry. He graduated from the University of Costa Rica and the famed Eastman Dental Center located in Rochester, New York and continues his education in all phases of dental practice. High academic achievement, exemplary character, and superlative achievements in dentistry signify his dedication to the dental profession... and to his patients. Most of his leisure time is spent with his wife, Linda and their three children... participating in family activities.

When you plan your Costa Rica holiday...
    consider a Dental Excursion... with your entire family!

Pediatric Dentistry is a specialty that provides both primary and comprehensive preventative and therapeutic oral health care for infants, and children through adolescence, including those with special health care needs. We have patients that come back year after year for that special attention that your young ones deserve!

Dr. Mermelstein recommends that children begin to visit the dentist regularly starting around two years of age, when most of the baby teeth are in, or when parents have any concerns.

rubduck We start off with a simple exam that isn't frightening, then...
rubduck We check for cavities, and to see how well the teeth are being cared for, and...
rubduck Determine if there is anything to suggest special future treatment.


In general, Pediatric Dentistry is the only dental specialty that is defined by age, and is not specifically related to types of procedures. Pediatric dentists are considered primary care providers for the young, and also serve as specialists when a particular patient's needs are beyond the scope of a dentist in general practice. Beyond the requisite training and education required to be a licensed dentist, an additional two years of education is required for studying the specific dental needs of the child. kids

The scope of the Mermelstein practice is wide ranging as it involves services that are specifically geared to treating children in general... with respect and understanding, in a kind and gentle manner. From the average young child... to the complex or difficult child, the mentally and physically challenged, and those with extreme cases of oral disease or decay.

"Ask Dr. Mermelstein..." We look forward to hearing from you... to answer your questions about dental hygiene, dental problems, dental treatment, and especially our dental practice. Please call, write, fax or e-mail our office.

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