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Your own natural teeth in a healthy, well maintained condition are the best teeth you can possibly have, nothing compares to them. With good self care and frequent dental checkups you can keep your teeth in the best condition for as long as possible. But when a tooth is lost, it's best to replace it with a nonremovabIe replacement as promptly as possible. With the replacement of a single tooth, a nonremovable bridge is often quite satisfactory. However, when two or three teeth in a row are lost, or several teeth spread out intermittently through  the entire jaw, a considerable amount of root support has been lost. The loss can be compared to losing fence posts in a long fence. The fence is not shorter, but fewer posts comprise it. The fence is not as before. More fence posts are need to be added to increase overall strength. Similarly, weakened areas in the mouth need the aide of implants to replace missing root structures. teeth.jpg (14365 bytes)


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