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Frequently Asked Questions

Are All Implants Successful?
Many variables must be considered to obtain successful implants . First, the patient must be healthy and possess adequate healing powers. An uncontrolled diabetic, for example, has less potential for healing, which could be quite a problem. Second, accurate diagnosis must be made, and the proper implant selected and installed correctly. Third, it must be treated with care by the patient and the dentist. If either forgets diligent care, a problem may arise.

Sometimes, in spite of the Implantologist and the patients best efforts, an implant may fail. If this happens the implant will be replaced by another one.

When an implant is functioning successfully, you should not be aware of its presence. You should have experiment no pain and be able to eat all kinds of food without any difficulty. After we determined you are a suitable candidate for implants your chances of success will be excellent.

Will Implants Last A Lifetime?
Every implant is placed with the expectation it will endure for the patient's life. With today's implant technology a lifetime result is achievable.

What Dental Care Should I Provide At Home?
The dental care you provide yourself at home must be excellent. You must keep your teeth and implants clean with the aid of a toothbrush, dental floss, or other devices we will recommend to keep plaque off your teeth and implants.
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How Is An Implant Inserted?

The first step is placing the implants into the Jawbone. After this surgical treatment, the bone in the Jaw attaches to the implants, holding them firmly in place. The bonding of the bone to the implant usually takes from four to six months. During this period of time the implants can not be used and must have a stress- free healing and the patient will be wearing a temporary bridge for esthetic purposes.

Second, when the implant has bonded to the bone a small metal post is attached to the implant, projecting through the gums. After this second surgical treatment, the gums must heal for a few days.

Third, the replacement teeth are created and securely attached to the metal posts. Careful approval by the patient and myself of the new teeth will be needed.
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Is Age A Problem?
No! Health is a problem. Many people 70 and 80 years of age are a better candidate than someone years younger in poor health. Older people are more likely to need implants because they have lost more teeth and ridge. As long as you live, you owe it to yourself, family and friends to take the best care of yourself as you possibly can. Incidentally, no reports in dental literature indicate dental implants have ever been the cause of cancer.


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