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chair.jpg (15464 bytes)When purchasing a new car it is easy to make the decision because you can see it and actually touch it. But when it comes to investing in your health things get a little complicated. You need to make your decision based on confidence, therefore, it is most important that you select a physician who is not only a qualified and experienced implantologist but one who also has the ability to listen and is willing to discuss the advantages and disadvantages with you in an open and realistic manner. Here at the Center For Dental Implants of Costa Rica we are a team of dental specialists who work together to provide all the necessary dental procedures to solve your problems applying the most advanced techniques and sterilization procedures according to "OSHIA" regulations. For your safety and confidence we use modern computed dental radiography (uses 90% less radiation) and intraoral video cameras. We also have an outstanding nursing staff who will make you feel comfortable during your visit.

We will gladly arrange for your local transportation and stay at a B&B or Hotel in the city or in the mountains. Please feel free to call, write or send an E-mail with any questions you may have about the anticipated treatment.


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Dr. Mario E. Garita DDS

Costa Rica
Tel/Fax: (506) 290-1750
P.O. Box 333-1200, San Jose, Costa Rica
Sabana Oeste, main road to Pavas, From La Sabana Park 150 mts. west. Left hand side, second floor.

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Miami, Florida 33102
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