Dr. Andrés Fürchtgott Barrios

Clínica San Angel - Guadalupe, Costa Rica
Apdo Postal 328-2010 Zapote Located opposite Clínica Católica
Tel (506) 253-6767, 224-7703, (506) 234-2725 / home


We invite you to travel to Costa Rica to take care of your dental health...and, to enjoy the vacation of a life-time! Most all complex treatments can be scheduled into your vacation time schedule, so that you may take delight in Costa Rica and revel in all that we have to offer... from the magnificent rain forests to the luxurious and beautiful white sandy beaches of our wonderful country. Costa Rica is renowned for its friendly hospitality...warm and gracious people, inviting and captivating...and you will feel sensational ... while we create for you a more pleasing and beautiful smile.

Come to Costa Rica...Experience the attention and level of care that you deserve

Dr. Andrés Fürchtgott Barrios, licensed as a Board Certified dental surgeon, has studied in both Mexico and the United States.

Dr. Fürchtgott and his staff take pride in their high professional standards, and the elevated level of care and understanding offered... which can only be found in the comfortable and intimate environment of a traditional private consultorio. The modern facilities and on-premises dental laboratory are outfitted with the most advanced equipment and you will find that the staff is proud of the office environment and engages in the strictest sanitary and sterilization techniques required by the American Dental Association... with the same technological standards of hygienic safety.


Restorative Dentistry
Bridgework Crowns
Dentures Extractions
Composite Fillings
Inlays Implants (post surgery)
Partials Root Canals
tooth Cosmetic Dentistry
Porcelain Crowns
Porcelain Veneers


Your initial examination will include an oral cancer exam, clinical charting of all existing dental restorations, and necessary radiographs. Such x-rays allow us to discover developing tumors, cysts, painless abscesses and 35% of all decay otherwise not visible to the naked eye.

Our goal is to be sensitive to your needs both aesthetic and emotional, and we are responsive to any uneasiness and discomfort that you may have... as these are natural feelings and we offer sensitivity and understanding. You are in good hands!

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