Calle central y primera, Avenidas 14 16
Apartado 1307-1000 San José, Costa Rica
Tel.: (506) 522-1000 Fax: (506) 221-0645

"YOUR HEALTH... OUR MAIN CONCERN" Hospital Clínica Bíblica was founded in 1929 as a public ministry to provide patients the finest medical services and professional Healthcare so that they may recover their health in a comfortable, safe, and peaceful environment. The hospital has developed over the years to become a premier modern medical facility... one of the finest in all of Central America.

Hospital Clínica Bíblica is affiliated with the Ochsner Medical Institutions located in New Orleans, Louisiana, USA, in order to provide the latest medical, professional, technical, and diagnostic services that patients deserve.

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Welcome to the...     HOSPITAL CLINICA BIBLICA
Medical Specialists Consultation Offices The 16 medical examination offices of the Consultorios Médicos, the Medical Offices, are attended by medical specialists in all medical areas.

The medical specialties and general Healthcare services that we are proud to offer our patients are well supported by the finest Medical Support Services in Costa Rica. We have succeeded in integrating a fully comprehensive medical services group of highly capable and dedicated personnel... coupled with the most advanced technology.

Over the course of years, the Medical Specialty Staff doctors have maintained the highest standards of excellence that their colleagues and patients, as well as their families, have come to expect... and, well deserve. To be an integral part of the Hospital Clínica Bíblica signifies a unified philosophy and vision which embraces the personal exceptional dedication of doctors and healthcare professionals... to the medical profession; and, to the patient.

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