Dental Retreat in Costa Rica


Hideaway in the seclusion of a Spanish-style mansion not far from the consultorio of Dr. Andrés Fürchtgott Barrios at the Clínica San Angel which is located only minutes from downtown San José, in Guadalupe, Costa Rica. During your stay, visit the wondrous sights high in the volcanic mountains surrounding the Meseta Central... where you will experience breath-taking views and enjoy pure mountain air. We can provide you with whatever you wish, and with the savings... you will enjoy yourself all the more! Call for more information...

Dear Medical Traveler: Consider our first conversation, your first visit!
We are responsive to your needs and to your concerns... and, you can rely on us to provide you with the finest dental care and treatments available. We offer sensible advice for a great number of procedures, both complex and simple, to restore your teeth to the best form and function that can be achieved... whatever your age. Then, after treatment sessions and follow-up visits, we send you home with a good home-care regimen to insure the aesthetic success of your dental restorations, for years to come.

Set aside your concerns and usual preoccupations...
all your questions will be reassuringly answered, and you will have a comfortable feeling as we discuss procedures, important information, and what your choices are...and don't forget to ask about our very affordable rates for all dental treatments.

Of course, procedures can vary in complexity and extent depending on the patient's dental condition and requirements. Basically, the professional fee schedule is very affordable for General and Reconstructive Dentistry and Specialty Cosmetic Dentistry procedures... as we have an on-premises dental laboratory.

Some procedures and professional fees:

Porcelain Crowns $250 per unit cards
Removable Partial dentures $320
Full dentures, upper and lower $275 per unit
Porcelain Laminates $200
Gold Inlays $200
Bonding $ 50
Cleaning $ 40

Most treatments, if performed early, need not be uncomfortable; and, with the use of local anesthetics, entire procedures can be totally painless.

The tremendous savings of a very affordable professional fee schedule, makes it possible for you to enjoy a well deserved holiday in Costa Rica. The dollar currency exchange rate has never been better for foreign travelers!

We are experts in planning your dental work around your travel itinerary... and can recommend the finest accommodations in accordance with your desires and travel plans.

There are so many patients that travel to Costa Rica every year for the finest dental care... and, holiday travel. Consider the possibilities...and, it's so affordable!

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Clínica San Angel - Dentistry
Apdo Postal 328-2010, Guadalupe,  Costa Rica
Telephone: 506-253-6767

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